Non-Immigrant Visa Overstayers

February 24, 2012

If you have been charged with entering the United States without legal authorization, or have maintained residence beyond the time that was previously authorized, you are considered to be an Illegal Immigrant according to the United States government. Very often, immigrants from all over the world enter the United States legally, but without inspection, or they stay longer than they are legally allowed. These individuals are considered "Non-Immigrant Visa Overstayers", and many of them are trying to avoid various forms of misfortune or danger, such as violence or poverty.

Another form of illegal immigration is the deliberate evasion of border patrol and entry into the United States undetected and without legal permission. If you have entered the US undetected then you are one of 7 million people to commit this felony annually, while also running the risk of receiving possible jail time and deportation. If you have been previously convicted and deported, and you have once again been caught in the United States Illegally, you may be subject to four times the minimum penalty because of a US policy called The “Protect Act”.

Although it can be a scary thing, the best course of action you can take if you are an illegal immigrant is to contact a competent attorney of your presence, so that you can explore all the possible ways to obtain a visa, and to become a permanent citizen of the United States legally. If you have been arrested, are facing deportation, or you simply want to avoid these unpleasant experiences and find the best outcome for your situation, contact Immigration Attorney Susan B. Henner now at (914) 358-5200 for a free consultation and more information.


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